Apple has to pay VirnetX $330,000 every day until a licensing deal is reached

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How would you feel if I tell you that you would be getting $330,000 a day for a few days? Well, I am sure that after recovering from a brief heart attack, you would go online to check out all the luxury items you could buy with all that money. Well, the situation of Virnetx is something very similar. Virnetx is a company which collects patents from other people and companies and then sues other companies if their infringe these patents.

And back in November of last year, Virnetx had sued the Cupertino tech giant for having infringed four patents that Virnetx holds in its products Face Time and iMessage. You would remember this if you follow Apple closely. Anyway, the judge has made a decision and it is not at all pleasant for Apple. It is good to see Apple get some justice like this. More about this later.

Anyway, what is the ruling? Well, the judge has rejected the Cupertino’s request for a new trial. And even though Apple argues that it has used these patents to create or develop a much bigger product, and these patents are so tiny in the whole picture that Virnetx should not be entitled to any compensation at all.

But the judge has ruled that the two companies need to settle down with an agreement or a deal for licensing the patents. Till this kind of a deal is reached, the Cupertino tech giant, Apple, has to pay Virnetx $330,000 every day. And I do not see a reason why Virnetx has to hurry to make a deal. Anyway, if the two companies do not come with an agreement in the next 45 days, the judge will make another ruling.

I want to imagine what Apple would have done if Samsung or any other company would have infringed Apple’s patents to develop a bigger and better product.

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  1. VHC is like QCOM in the early days. Everyone has to sign up and pay if they want secure 4G data transfer.

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