Apple discreetly rolled out update for Japanese mapping service!

Apple has made discreet changes and updates to its mapping service in Japan. These changes fix reported shortcoming in the mapping functionality that was a huge concern among Apple device users. Some of the features that were fixed are modifying the pronunciation of instructions during turn-by-turn navigation alerting users to all roads. This feature did not function correctly when it was released with iOS 6.0. The new update also offers improved point-of-interest labels for landmarks like hospitals, libraries, subways and freeways. The new update offers 3D buildings for major landmarks like the Tokyo Station and Tower.

japan1These bug fixes and enhancements were fixed quietly without a major announcement about the intended update to be delivered to mapping service in Japan. In addition to the bug fixes, improvements have been made to deliver better satellite imagery and flyover imagery. Local information is now available with the satellite imagery enhancement. Apple’s rival in the mapping segment, Google has released its own map app for the iOS which was also updated very recently to offer swift access to the search tool and integration with Google’s contact service.

Apple received a lot of flak for its mapping service and app with the release of the iPhone 5. Entire cities were misplaced and landmarks were famously relocated to different cities. The Apple map app does not yet have the expertise, layering structure or the prowess that Google has managed to achieve with its maps and navigation apps. The Cupertino based company is looking to roll out fixes across geographies for its map apps. So far, Japan has received a new update that fixes a few bugs and adds new features to the mapping service.


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