Apple Devices Rule the Skies, literally

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Apple devices rule the skies, according to Gogo Inflight, the largest U.S. provider of in-air online connectivity that provides its services to leading U.S airlines like Delta, United, Virgin America, American, US Airways, Alaska and Frontier.

The published report indicates that iPads are the most popular aircraft devices, followed by laptops, and then iPhones. iPhone beats the pants out of Android here, with stats revealing that the Android: iPhone ratio on aircraft is a demeaning 1:5.

The infographic shown below throws more light on the user distribution.

The tablets and smartphones is the largest user-base, with over 67% of users using a mobile device. Tablets (35%), on the other hand, are the most preferred gadget when people fly, followed by Laptops (33%) and smartphones (32%).

The interesting statistic however is this: Out of total devices that were connected, only 16% of those devices were running Google’s Android. Majority of tablets and smartphones, around 84%, were running Apple’s iOS.

If you look at the smartphone category, Apple’s iPhone quite clearly dominates its rivals. The study reveals that 73% people used iPhones, 26% people used Android phones, and BlackBerry and Windows struggled with less than 1% user base.

However, number of Android users has quadrupled in the last two years. In 2011, 96.8% people used Apple’s devices. In 2013, that has slipped down to 84%, following the growth of Android.

Not being judgmental, but the stats clearly outline the fact that people at higher posts prefer iPhones over Android smartphones. Android has been snubbed for its weaker security model and there are also concerns over Google’s app policy. There are recurring incidences about malicious apps found on Google’s Play Store. Until Google fine tunes its app submission system and develops a tighter security model, which is reliable and robust, we do not see Android being adopted by the privacy-concerned audience.

Which device do you use when you fly?


Image Credits: Gogo inflight

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