Apple delivers fix for Apple ID breach

Apple has been beleaguered by security issues since the launch of its iPhone 5. The company has still not been able to deliver a satisfactory fix for the password breach issue where users can get past the password lock page using a combination of the power and volume buttons. The company however, won one battle. The company has delivered a fix for the security problem on its Apple ID password page. Hackers and clever users who possessed a user’s email ID and date of birth could reset a user’s Apple ID password. Hackers could achieve this using a special URL that stepped around the security question page and gain access to user’s personal data.

app2Hackers however were prevented from unauthorized access when users enabled two-step verification that requires both a 4-digit pin code and a password, with the PIN code sent to the phone for safe viewing. Theft of user data was rampant with malicious users gaining access to user information through birthdates and email Ids. Ingenious break in, but one that gave Apple employees sleepless nights before the fix was out. The new update however only hit Apple ID holders in Britain, U.S, New Zealand and Ireland.

With hacking techniques becoming smarter, future Apple, android, Windows and BlackBerry devices as well as social networks like Facebook and Twitter have to implement sophisticated security systems to secure user data. Every phone and tablet company as well as app and social media networks are working hard to come up with systems that are difficult to crack.


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