Apple and Samsung to provide wireless charging for new phone and tablet releases

Rumors are doing rounds about Apple and Samsung offering wireless charging technology in the new releases. Currently, the S3 and iPhone 5 need to be plugged in via USB to a laptop or a charging unit. Both the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 are expected to feature circuitry that wirelessly charges the handsets. Apple, true to tradition is expected to design its own wireless technology incorporated into the iPhone 5S but Samsung may not go with a new hardware design. The Korean electronics company will offer a back cover for the Galaxy S4 that charges the phone by connecting wirelessly to a charging pad. Samsung could feature QI technology in the S4.

wireless2Both companies have chosen to remain quiet on the subject with no snippets of information being released to the media. There seems to be some uncertainty about the technology, though, since other sources claim that Apple is disinclined to go with wireless technology in their upcoming phone and tablet releases. The reason offered by Apple is the ease of use and convenience of the wired version. A wireless version would require the charging unit to be plugged into a wall outlet. Wired charging, however, can be done with a USB cable that connects through a laptop, a charging unit, cafe outlets or even a plane.  Apple believes wireless charging could actually hinder mobility rather than enforce it. Samsung meanwhile, has chosen to keep quiet with no evidence supporting either side -those that believe wireless tech is on the cards and those who don’t.

Speculation about both phones, the iPhone 5S and Galaxy 4, has been rife with wild theories about the features they will sport and other hardware specs. With the release date of both drawing nearer, rumors will finally rest about whether wireless charging is the next big thing for the Smartphone market.


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