Apple and Nokia against Samsung

Apple vs Samsung vs Nokia

We know that Samsung and Apple have been making rounds to courts all over the world over patents and this has not yet come to an end. Apple was lucky to get a $1.05 billion from the South Korean smart phone giant as damages money. But that was taken back by Judge Judy Koh earlier this week and she brought that money down by almost 50% when she came to know that the jury had not followed her instructions. This was not so lucky for the Cupertino based iPhone maker. And Samsung has said that it will soon be appealing to reduce the damages again. We have to see how well that will go in the future.

But now, Apple seems to have found an ally in this patent war, and that is none other than the Finnish smart phone manufacturer, Nokia. This is kind of an expected and obvious move from Nokia. Samsung’s success in increasing the market share in the smart phone industry is a problem for any smart phone manufacturer, which includes Nokia as well. Nokia has filed an amicus brief on behalf of Apple Inc. in the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

If you can remember, Apple had asked to ban the sales of all Samsung smart phones which infringed its patents. This ban was not approved by Jude Judy Koh. And Nokia is now trying for the same on behalf of the Cupertino tech giant. Arstechnica writes:

Nokia is the only company to support Apple’s case, filing the brief after getting a 14-day extension to submit beyond the February 19 deadline. The brief itself is currently under seal, but Nokia offered a summary as well. In this, Nokia attorney Keith Broyles argued that Apple should be allowed to ban Samsung phones from the market and that, according to Reuters, Judge Koh “erred by ruling that Apple must establish a ‘causal nexus’ between its patented feature and the demand for its phones in order to secure a permanent injunction.”

Source: Arstechnica