App Downloads to Hit Historic Numbers in 2013

App DownloadsABI Research said that out of 70 billion app downloads, 58% or 40.6 billion will come from Android alone, 41% or 28.7 billion are coming from iOS and the rest will account for tablet devices, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. Out of that 41% iOS app downloads, 33% will be on Apple’s iPhone while 75% will be on iPad.

Google’s Android is dominating the app downloads for smartphones but Android tabs are not doing well with only 17% of tablet app share. On the other hand, Apple’s iPad is leading the app downloads for tablet devices which accounts for 75% of tablet app share.

Aapo Markkanen, an ABI analyst, stated that the critical issue Google faces right now is how their tablet will be a great competitor of Apple’s iPad that has been one of the successful tablet devices recognized worldwide. Google might be able to bridge the gap if they will gain more Android tablet partners. With this, they will be able to increase their app download share when it comes to tablet devices.

Amazon which is considered a friend and an enemy as well of Google, may somehow help Android tablets reach the top. This is due to Kindle Fire that has been the top-selling tablet which uses the Android platform. Kindle Fire can give Google’s Android a slight tablet momentum with the help of app developers. If these app developers create Android-based apps for tablets, then both Amazon and Google can surely sell them to the public. The downside here is that Kindle Fire is primarily run by Amazon’s content and not Google’s.

Another ABI analyst named Jeff Orr questioned the possibility of having enough critical mass with different partners of Android aside from Samsung. Moreover, will there be more vendors who can help Android meet its goal, the analyst added. He also questioned the possible effects of the forthcoming wearable devices to the number of app download. As we all know, a Google Glass and the rumored iWatch might be released before this year ends.

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