Anonymous’s new activity on Twitter, towards the plight of Rohingya people

Myanmar Rohingya minority genocide

Anonymous, the group better known as the world’s popular hackers’ group has started a new initiative to shed some light on the plight of the Rohingya people in Myanmar. This Myanmar genocide is given the name Operation Rohingya.

To start with Rohingya is a minority group living in Myanmar Burma, the Southeast part of Asia. The group resides in the state of Rakhine. Here, the group, which is a Muslim population, is a minority group to the Rakhine Buddhists who are the majority and occupy the Rakhine region. The problem here is, the Rohingya community, being a minority, undergoes a lot of torture, physical and mental, and other sorts of religious and political discrimination. The government of the state is also involved in this, and prosecutes the people of this community, which is very bad.

The United Nations has, in fact, classified the Rohingya community as the world’s most prosecuted minority. This problem started back in 2012 when a clash between the two communities, the Rohingya minority community and the Rakhine Buddhist community, lead to the death of an estimated 80 people and displaced thousands more.

In order to bring some awareness into the world about the plight of these people, Anonymous uploaded this video on YouTube yesterday, and went into the graphic details of the sufferings of these people.

“They are subject to torture, gang rape, starvation, slave labor, and [are] forced to reside in the most dire camps in the world,” group members said on the video. “Some call these refugee camps, but they are actually concentration camps.”

Venture Beat writes:

Anonymous released their “TwitterStorm” package on and encouraged people to post detailed information about the suffering in Myanmar. The package included sample tweets, links to photos and video, and included the Twitter hashtags #RohingaNOW and #OpRohinga.

Source: Venture Beat