Angry Birds offers 15 more levels!

Looks like the colored birdies are still hopping mad! Rovio’s claim to fame game has added 15 more levels and offered Angry Birds for free on the iPhone and iPad in the hopes that users can finally pacify the frenzied avian in their quest for revenge! This is the first time the store is offering this game for free since its launch in ’09. And the Birds are still Angry!

angry2 A belief largely shared by app users and avid Rovio fans is that Angry birds is not longer the most popular game in the app world today. In fact, it does not even list in the top 80 apps with new, more interesting, strategy and socially inspired games that dominate app stores today. Temple Run is the hot favorite, taking over from Rovio’s Angry Birds after almost a year and a half. The game however seems to be hitting retirement sometime soon with Apple app stores offering it for free and the 15 levels seem to be a last attempt to cash in on its former popularity. Whether this is a promotional event or a move here to stay till the game is sunset remains to be seen.

At the peak of the Angry Birds mania, Rovio enjoyed enormous fame, so much so that Angry Birds merchandise was off shelves as soon as supplies hit stores. Mugs, T-shirts, bags, wallets, bottles and other items from the franchise were bought in droves by kids and adults alike. Animated movies based on the original games will soon hit TV screens.

 Whether this is the beginning of the end for Rovio’s most popular game till date is too early to tell but players who enjoyed the original game and its Rio variants will definitely want to check the 15 new levels out especially since the game is now available for free on Apple’s app stores.


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