Android Smartphones to Receive Jelly Bean

Jelly BeanEveryone loves to stay ahead or rather updated when it comes to technology related issues. Most of us would rather go for the latest update available in the market even if it eventually turns out that we won’t maximize the update. The thought of walking around with an updated device fascinates most people. Jelly Bean is the latest Android version, which phone manufacturers hope can elevate their phones further above.

The Android platform has been transforming steadily. From the earlier version i.e. Éclair to its latest Jelly Bean version, nothing can surely be taken from their progress. The Jelly Bean version is growing in terms of total market share. Recent research showed that they are controlling a whole 17% of the entire Android market.

The news that some of the Android devices will be receiving the 4.1 updates can only be received with a smile. What then does a new update bring? Besides from earning you some bragging rights, an updated version of an operating systems simply means more fun and more features; fun in terms of more games, more applications, flawless operations etc.  The devices which have been selected to receive this update are as follows;

  • Samsung Galaxy Grand- if you did not know, the Galaxy Grand is the cheap version of the Galaxy Note II phablet. Sources say that the Smartphone has already received two updates i.e. one that weighs 27.87 Mb and another one which weighs 21.17 Mb. The second update adds features such as blocking mode, an advanced feature of the Do Not Disturb feature and a number of fascinating apps.
  • AT&T HTC One X- before the emergence of the HTC One Smartphone, this device was the company’s flagship phone. Reports are out suggesting that the phone earlier on received the Android 4.1 update and is set to receive yet another update i.e. the latest 4.2 Jelly Bean version. The upgrade will allow the HTC One X users to enjoy Google Now virtual assistant feature and also provide them with an easier way of handling notifications.

Some other devices which will be receiving this update include; Sony Xperia J, Micromax Canvas 2 A110, and the Sprint LG Optimus G.

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