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Android Shock: Google Introduces iOS styled Gmail

gmailOver the recent months, Google has not been giving the Android platform its much deserved attention. The Android platform has been living in the shadows of the iOS operating system. No formal explanation has been given for this trend. This has made most of the Android clients to start speculating and only hope for the best. So what exactly has been happening which has made some of the Android clients feel as if they are being sidelined? We will backtrack to last year during the month December to find out more.

The entire buzz began in December last year when Google introduced a new version of Gmail which specifically targeted the iOS platform. The main reason why the version is said to have targeted the iOS is because; design wise, it outshone a similar version that had been earlier on released for the Android platform. The iOS version was simply astounding and appealing to the eyes. The iOS version had a design which matched the web interface, had an optimized slideout menu bar and followed the Android guidelines design more closely. In every aspect the iOS version simply outmatched the Android version.

A statement issued by the Gmail team highlighted that a mobile web version which resembles the design of the iOS version has now been made available. Gmail decided to avail this new mobile web version because consumers preferred the new UI redesign and that the update will add some new features such as outstanding searches and integration with the Google calendar. The mobile web version however will not guarantee you that eye popping experience when it comes to the visual appeal in the side menu. The rest of the functionalities however are working perfectly.

The Android platform version is yet to be furnished with an update of the same. Let’s hope that something big is around the corner.

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