Android RPG Game – Ravensword: Shadowlands

Android gaming is evolving day by day with the updated versions of GPUs and faster processors and new games are breeding every day. Ravensword, a role playing game has made its debut in the Android gaming house and it’s available in Playstore. Let’s take a view of this beautiful game.

raven2This game has every element of role playing strategy of what we were hoping to see from Crescent Moon Games. The story of the game is pretty old. You’ve stepped into a magical world where you wake in without knowing how you’ve got there in the midst of dark elves and you’ve to fight for your survival. Later, you’ll find out that you’ve to gather three Ravenstones which will enable you to make your entrance in the Shadowlands. On the way, you have to take down various demons by slashing and make your way towards killing a demon which is planning to destroy the entire world.

Let’s come to the graphics and sound. As an RPG genre, this game plays amazing graphics full of visual contents. The realistic graphics will be enough to turn your mind into the game. Game music and sounds won’t disappoint you.


–          Realistic 3D open-world RPG game

–          As well as 3rd person view, it offers a 1st person view too (few glitches)

–          Amazing Visual Performance

–          Upgradable weapons and there’re plenty of it

Filled with adventure and revenge and a journey towards Shadowlands, this game will blow your mind but count every penny of $6.99 for buying from Play store. You won’t regret it.


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