Android Malware that Targets Activists’ Phones

Malware-AndroidEveryone probably knows what a Malware is. For those that do not have an idea just like I was a couple of weeks ago a malware is a malicious software that is used to disrupt operating systems and collect information or gain access to private computer systems. One can call it a ninja in your OS. It comes in, takes down every piece of security you have, collects what it came for and ruins everything. Why would an activist be involved with malware? That’s because people tend to put on a mask of Guy Fawkes and ruin whatever everyone has tried so hard to set up. However, this is not the case here.

What happened here was rather special. During a conference in Geneva that was focusing on the major global issue that’s Tibet. During the conference an activist received an email. On the email was an Android Package that was under the file name “WUC’s Conference.apk.”. You can imagine what happened to the activists device after. Well, I’m here to let you know.

While the activist was busy reading the contents of the email the malware would send a report to the command and control center where it would be directed on what to take out of the device. From there on the activist’s messages, call logs, and any other vital information would have been secretly taken out if the device and the device would be left for dead. Yes, after all that the malware would ensure you can’t use your device every again.

Malware is becoming an ever more prominent threat in the world. With the advent of smartphones companies such as Gamma Group are developing ways to hack into the systems and grab vital information for governments and the like. That is why mobile security is something that everyone needs to start preaching. Maybe instead of a gaming portal pre-installed into a device we would all be a lot happier with an anti-virus.

Via Informationweek

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