Android Game Review – Super Hexagon

Android games have been pretty amazing for passing time and enjoying a little bit with your smartphone when you feel bored. Now, your time can get really fast when you start to play Super Hexagon. This is a retro style arcade game which includes audio tracks into the mix to keep you engaged in this game for a long time. But, the most disappointing as well as cruel part of this game is you can never feel that you can get a high score.

hexa2When you first open the game, you’ll be surprised to see that there is no setting which seems pretty much obvious when you start to play this game. After launching this game all you can do is play. Select the level you want and keep in mind that the lowest level is “hard”. Yes, that’s the cruelest part.

You might take a plenty of time before you finally understand and play this survival arcade game. All you have to do is control a small triangle shaped box and dodge the contents that’s coming towards you. Your job is to navigate your triangle box. Those contents or barrier whatever you call come in very quickly towards you and they are of variant sizes and positions. No sooner had you play the game, you would die. Yes that’s the motto when you first start to play this game. Even on the much easier level, you’ll thrive to get high score. There are tracks to engage you in the game.

You can download this game from the Google Playstore for only at $2.99. Don’t wait to get your hands onto this crazy little arcade game that can keep you addicted for days.


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