Android Game Review: Crazy for Speed

1024500ELITE_HDCrazy for Speed, just as the game title shows, is a kind of violent racing game and allows you to race through streets, cities and police persecutions illegally!

Actually, this game is similar to another popular racing game with the similar game title, which hasn’t been developed Android version. Maybe this is an opportunity on taking the niche.

This game is a non-aggressive racing game that players off all ages can have a try on it, which sounds attractive for people who are crazy about racing games. Especially this one, it has stunning 3D effect and allows an exciting journey of chasing for speed and life.

More and more racing games and running games have been designed to G-sensor operation system, and Crazy for Speed is one of them. The tilting control is one of its strongest points and can make you experience the lifelike racing, which seems that you are steering the car and driving on the highway with drifts and even crashes. Touching the screen to boost and speed up, which is really crazy and exciting.

However, it also has its weak points, such as the racing feeling is not as smooth as we expected. You may feel a little shaky on medium-end devices or lower, which will irritate you a little bit sometimes when you are racing with the fastest speed. Therefore, the game developer needs to modify and improve it, in order to adapt to more models of smart phones with higher control quality..

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The game’s graphics are really good, especially the car models and the characters. But currently it also lacks luster that we expected to have. And I have to admit, its 3D effects and animations are very outstanding and surely glue you to the device screen.

If I say, the music is not that excellent as claimed by the game developer, it doesn’t mean it is bad. When you are deeply addicted to this game, I believe you will hardly notice the background music. Maybe that is good for you to enjoy the racing speed with all your heart!

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Anyway, it’s a good game and worthy of having a try. If you are really crazy about racing game and can ignore its tiny flaws, and if you have a high-end device, all the flaws will become just nothing at all. Don’t forget to collect more coins to unlock super cool cars!