Android Fun Game: Beat hazard Ultra

Beat Hazard Ultra has given the Humble Bundle 5 a new feeling of awesomeness though there are quite a few games released for this so far. This arcade game is designed to mix up the platform of arcade shooter and your music choice in an amazing way. As every user has difference taste in music, this game will vary upon it.

beat2The gameplay is simple enough to make you feel complicated about it. Beat Hazard Ultra changes the way of your gameplay depending on your music and this game is all about the arcade game of Asteroids. This is one way to describe the whole game.

Now, let’s meet the complications. First, you have to select a track from your album and push on the play button. Afterwards, check the game type and you’ll be good to get into the game. The job is to destroy the incoming objects like various ships while holding onto your small space shuttle. What really feels amazing is the use of the selected music track’s beats and volume which determines how faster the objects will come and your shooting speed too. The more slowly your music gets, the gameplay acts slower. If your phone doesn’t contain any music, this game has some embedded techno tracks to make you feel the heat of this amazing little game. Each level holds as long as your music lasts.

If you want to taste something new to your gaming dimension, then Beat Hazard Ultra is just the right option for you. Get the Game from Playstore now to feel the music and shooting.


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