Android customers 4 times more likely to shift to iOS


Nowadays people have lots of platforms to choose from, but when they think of buying a device, most of us go with either Apple or Android. Many analysts and experts have praised and criticized both the operating systems and now, Apple’s VP of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller has some new things to say in favor of their iOS products.

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Phil Schiller states that according to a research conducted by Apple, android customers are 4 times more likely to shift to iOS than the other way round. This contradicts the general belief that iOs customers are not satisfied with their devices and many of them are willing to shift to the android platform as the recent android phones have become more powerful and sports new features which the apple devices lack. The VP further adds that an android user faces another problem, platform fragmentation. Many of the users are still using unstable and old versions of the android OS and the only option for them to upgrade to the latest versions is to buy a new device.

Schiller further pointed out that their platform shows a very healthy trend if one tries to compare the real world usage and that the decision on the market performance of the device should be based on the shipments and not on the basis of end user sales. He flatly says that iOS devices give a better user experience to their customers as compared to android dev ices. The integration of software as well as hardware on the device provides a seamless experience to the iOs users. He has criticized android devices for the exact same reason. According to him, a user has to sign in to multiple accounts when he receives his android device to get the same experience that he would otherwise have got with an iPhone. Moreover, the software of a device changes from manufacturer to manufacturer, carrier to carrier and hence, android users do not get a seamless experience.

In the interview, Schiller also shared his thoughts about the trend of large screen smartphones ruling the market. According to him, the market has seen an increase in the size of the smart phones (making them almost like phablet), to compete with the battery life of iPhone 5. An increase in the size of the device is necessary for other manufacturers to fit a larger battery in order compete with iPhone 5’s battery life.

Although both iPhone 5 and iPad have been doing well in the market, both these devices have received only minor updates when we compare it with their previous models. As a result, the customers as well as investors are looking forward to a new device from the company this year. Apple will have to release a whole new device, completely different and much better than their traditional iPhones in order to win over the competition that they face today.

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