Android activation reached 2 million per day, 150 times faster than US growth

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At Google’s last event in September, 2012, the company announced that it has reached a point where the total number of Android activation per day has reached 1.3 million, and an overall activation of 500 million devices. It has been five months from that time, and we have not yet received any such figures from Google. But Asymco has reported that it estimates the number of Android activations per day has increased to 2 million units with an overall activation of 800 million units. That is a pretty impressive figure, but there may be some concern for the company here.

That is because as the source has reported, the activations of Android devices has increased really well, but that is true only for international market, and not so much for the United States market. Talk Android writes, “The data shows that only 9% of overall Android usage is in the U.S. and only 0.6% of new Android users are in the U.S. This means that Android is being activated 150 times more globally than within the U.S. itself.”

That could be a very bad situation for Android, and Google. The main reason for this could be attributed to the fact that Apple’s iPhones are available for as low as $0 with contracts, and these are older versions of the popular smart phone and not the latest iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S. And even though there are Android smart phones for $0 with a contract, they would not be as good as the $0 iPhones.

Google has made its Android platform open source, and this is one of the reasons the platform is a hit in the international market. And even though the drop in the US market is not a good sign for the company, it is not ready to rethink its open source idea. So it is to see what the company does to attract more users inside the US and how it will maintain the users internationally.

Source: Talk Android

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  1. The numbers seem to be wrong, Andy Rubin just announced that he won’t head the Android department at Google anymore and also released some new numbers in that post.

    They have more than 750 million activated Android devices now, which means they have activated more than 250 million devices since September – but less than 300 (and probably considerably less, because he could also have said “close to 800 million activated devices”).

    If they activated only 250 million new devices, they would have activated only 1.37 million new devices per day in that timeframe(a marginal increase over the numbers they reported in September) and if they had activated 300 million new devices, that would result in 1.64 million new devices per day – both numbers far from 2 million devices per day.

  2. why is explosive international growth “a very bad situation for Android, and Google”?

    you state a “drop in the US market” with no statistics or backup

    the “main reason” is that Apple is overstocked on iphones and subsidizing them to such a degree they’re cheaper than a open source alternative??

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