Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean SlimBean Custom ROM Build 2 For Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 Now Available

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The second iteration of the SlimBean Custom ROM based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system is now available for download for the Samsung Galaxy S2 with model number I9100. It comes packed with a whole lot of new features and customizations. While the first build was already stable, developers said the second one is more improved with a ton of bug fixes and performance boosters. Here are some of the features of the SlimBean Custom ROM for the Galaxy S2:

  • TheRealDarkSlim Toggle (Initial)
  • Shiny new SlimSizer
  • Renamed SlimOTA to SlimCenter
  • SlimFilemanager added to root functionality
  • Extended QuickSettings style options
  • New Notification/Lockscreen Shortcut icons
  • Configurable QS long press
  • Update DashClock to latest versions
  • Configurable Notification behavior
  • NFC Polling Mode (AOKP)
  • LckscreenPattern: Toggle dots/error pattern visibility (From CM)
  • Added Power/Camera to Lockscreen long press button actions
  • Add USB Tether tile
  • Add LTE tile
  • Advanced low battery indicator options
  • Return to call log after call
  • Mark dismissed call as missed
  • Automatic keyboard rotation feature
  • Full screen toggle added to browser menu
  • Add signature to Messaging
  • Customized charging battery color
  • Added more scenes and focus modes to camera
  • Added exposure and jpeg quality to video came

Using the ClockworkMod Recovery tool, users can now install the ROM manually provided their phones are rooted. The entire process is safe and easy to follow. First, you need to copy two packages into the root directory of your phone’s internal memory, then boot it into the Recovery Mode where you can begin flashing. Please read our disclaimer as well as the pre-requisites before flashing the ROM.

Here are the pre-requisites for users who want to take the risk in installing SlimBean ROM:

  1. Backup all important data in your phone before anything else. This is to avoid losing them in case things don’t go the way they should during the process.
  2. All necessary USB drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S2 should have already been installed so there are no detection issues with the device.
  3. Root your phone if you haven’t already and install the ClockworkMod Recovery tool.
  4. Enable USB Debugging in your device.
  5. Your phone must have at least 80 percent battery left to make sure it would be kept powered on the entire process.

Disclaimer: Instructions presented in this post are for information purpose only. Rights to the mods and custom ROMs belong to their respective developers. You cannot blame us,, if something bad happen to your device resulting from incorrect flashing of the ROM.

  1. Download the SlimBean Custom ROM and save it into your computer but don’t extract it. [link]
  2. Download Google Apps, save it to your computer and don’t extract. [link]
  3. While your phone is still on, connect it to your computer and make sure it is properly detected. If there are some problems with the detection, make sure drivers were installed and updated by going to the Device Manager.
  4. Navigate through the directory where you saved the SlimBean custom ROM and Google Apps. Copy them into the root directory of your Galaxy S2. Don’t put them inside any directory in your device’s internal memory because they will become undetectable.
  5. Once everything is copied into your phone, disconnect it from your computer and turn it off to prepare for the installation.
  6. You will need to boot the device into the Recovery Mode so you can install the packages you just copied. Press and hold the Volume UP, Home and Power buttons together until the screen flickers or turns on.
  7. Once you are inside the Recovery Mode, you need to wipe all data cached into  your phone’s memory. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  8. Now, you’re ready to install the custom ROM. Select Flash zip from SD Card then navigate to Choose zip from SD Card option. Now browse through the root directory of you phone’s memory and find the custom ROM first.
  9. Press the Power button to choose the package and you need to confirm your action.

10. It may take a little while to finish so wait for it. After doing so, you need to flash Google Apps by following the same procedure.

11. If both packages have already been flashed into your phone, you need to reboot it by choosing Reboot System Now option. The reboot will be longer than usual but it is only during this time. The next time your reboot your phone, it would be quicker.

In case your phone enters a boot loop, turn it off and take the battery out; then press the power button to drain the electricity left in your phone’s components. After that, insert the battery back and power on your phone. The boot loop should be fixed by now.

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