Analysts are dismissing the early BlackBerry US sales as disappointing

BlackBerry Z10 Close Up

The Canadian smart phone company, BlackBerry, successfully released and sold its new flagship smart phone, the BlackBerry Z10, all over the world in the past weeks. And the smart phone is now available in the United States from AT&T, and according to many analysts, the sales of the smart phone in the United States has been disappointing. This particular report is based on the Goldman Sachs analysis. In fact, the general advice at Goldman Scahs has gone from “buy” to “neutral”. A report also says that the international sales of the smart phone were “solid”, but the United States sales have been “disappointing”.

Citigroup says that out of all the stores in the United States that have stocked the BlackBerry Z10, only 5 per cent have gone out of stocks. The stocks figures had totalled to around 12 handsets per store. But after this negative report on the sales was released, this figure has been said to have come down by 10 per cent.

Citigroup has also done some negative promotion of the BlackBerry Z10 on CNBC. The Citigroup people have said that according to their observations, the in-store promotions for BlackBerry Z10 were almost absent. And this is attributed to the fact that the fact that the store staff were not at all educated on the features of the new smart phone. And also the BlackBerry Z10’s hardware features have not been matching with the competition. The absence of some of the most important apps on the BlackBerry World app marketplace has also been a deciding factor for many people.

Digital Trends writes, “Not everyone is so down on BlackBerry’s early results, as an analyst at Jefferies & Co says, “demand is slightly better than our very modest expectations.” After carrying out some checks, it was discovered that several stores had sold out of the Z10 and were expecting new phones to be delivered.”

So this might not be so bad after all. We may see the demand for BlackBerry Z10 increasing in the future. But we will have to wait a while longer to get a definite pattern.

Source: Digital Trends

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