An app that runs your bath available on Apple’s iPhones!

Apps are getting smarter and smarter and will soon take over our lives! The new app for iPads and iPhones  lets users run their bath. In addition to controlling your TV, music, car and a host of other devices these apps are making inroads into a user’s daily routine.

water2Cross Water Digital is a water control system installed in houses and offers an app that allows a user to run a bath from anywhere in the house. The app has been designed so that it turns on the shower and ensures that the water is at the right temperature before the user steps into the shower. For this app to work, the device running it needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the temperature control of the bath.  The remarkable feature is that you can control the app from locations such as your office or the subway you take so that you can get your bath running and to the perfect temperature before you get home.  The app heats up the water to a preset temperature chosen by you. An indicator flashes to notify you that the water has reached the specified temperature.

The app currently comes with three different water flow and temperature settings for your other family members. Cross water digital’s app is a new step in the direction of domestic technology integrated with phones. The application is currently offered only with iPhones and iOS but will soon hit the android market. A fantastic feature is that the thermostatic control is constant irrespective of fluctuations occurring in home devices.

Brilliant new domestic app that has set the tone for many more to come!