All About The iPhone 5

iphone52The trendy well hyped iPhone 5 is in the market at last. With the increasing popularity of this Apple product, rumors were wild and random about how the iPhone 5 will be. Now as we dig into the latest creation of Apple, we again have to marvel at the simplicity of its built. Beautifully sleek, the phone has come with a longer screen and 4G LTE technology. Weighing 3.95 ounce only, the new iPhone is a little taller than its predecessors but portable enough and easily pocket-able. Again the novel double shaded anodized aluminum metal body has given it a more sophisticated look free of scratch scare. Paired up with the new iOS6, this iPhone is better in many ways.

As for the screen, the iPhone 5 takes on a 4 inch screen on the vertical side ensuring more view. It helps in a sense that while on the other iPhones there were four apps in four rows but in iPhone 5, you can view five rows with four apps in each of the rows. The sharp 1,136×640-pixel display retina display is also an added advantage for crisp photo/video viewing or gaming. Also new are the features like sapphire-crystal lens, dynamic low-lighting adjustment and image stabilizing capacity of the 8 megapixel back facing primary camera.

Besides, the new iPhone 5 is also capable of taking still pictures while shooting at a capacity of 1080p. Including other useful apps like a smarter and better Siri, step by step navigation system, digital wallet identifying places and passbook; the new iPhone 5 is as brilliant as it was expected.


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