AIRS App: An Effective Way To Keep Stress Away

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If you want to know what’s giving you stress, you may want to check out the AIRS app which will effectively let you monitor the sources of your stress and help you keep the causes at bay.

AIRS, which stands for Android Remote Sensing App, was developed by Dirk Trossen to log stressful moments in your life. You can then revisit these logs, which will help you manage your stress and the pressure you are receiving from various factors of your everyday life. In the end, Trossen said that the app will help you improve the quality of your life.

Trossen, a senior researcher in the computer laboratory at the University of Cambridge, told the New Scientist in a report that the AIRS app can do more than monitor your stress levels. It can also record noise levels, social activities, text and calls, environmental conditions, light level and even posture. It can track moods through the emoticons you use on your text messages or even your posts on social networking sites. The app can also provide your heart and pulse rates through the attached monitors.

To use such data in accessing one’s stress level, Trossen used a software developed by Dana Pavel at Essex University. Once the data is fed into the software, it will create a visualization of your everyday life. This means that you can go back in time and focus on the different flash points on a particular day. You will be able to see your activities for a particular hour of a day. If you want to know what stressed you at a particular time, all you have to do is go back to your storyline.

Health Benefits

Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping track of all your activities in a day, the AIRS app also has a number of benefits that range from preventing the early onset of heart diseases to predicting obesity. How can the app do it? By monitoring your bad eating habits and low activity levels, you will be able to make sense of how healthy or unhealthy your lifestyle is.

Trossen said that most people don’t realize the importance of stress management and how it can affect one’s well-being. By using this app, users can monitor their physical and psychological welfare and thereby, reduce the dependency on health care systems.

In the future, Trossen said that there are a lot of promises that this kind of app can bring — prescriptions on smartphones and diagnosis and treatments through the Internet. But for now, he said this app can help people better understand their stress levels, how to manage it, how to prevent certain diseases and how to live a healthier lifestyle.

And although this app was made for a serious reason, which is stress management, Trossen said that it is also fun to look back and see what stressed you on a particular day and even what made you happy. The AIRS app is like a digital journal that stores moments and emotions throughout the day.

Source: NewScientist

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