Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android and iOS Announced

photoshopThe world’s most popular application for editing photos and designing graphics for PCs and Macs Photoshop is now coming to your mobile device, the company that makes the program, Adobe, has announced.

Adobe Photoshop Touch will now be available for touchscreen smartphones and phablets running either of the two most popular mobile operating systems – Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Announced yesterday, Photoshop Touch offers a wide array of functionalities and can be installed on a smartphone. Those of us who have been abreast with the developments in the tablet world will know that Photoshop for tablets has been around since last year. This time, the released Photoshop is optimized for smaller screen devices.

According to Stephen Nielson, the product manager at Adobe, the company wanted to make Photoshop more accessible for users and more available even for situations where users did not have tablets at hand. This means that Photoshop Touch for smartphones brings all the core functionalities to millions of smartphone users worldwide who can edit their photos, design graphics and load psd files while on the move.


Photoshop Touch for smartphones has literally identical features as Photoshop for tablets. The only difference is that it has been shrunken don to fit the average smartphone screen size. Users will still be able to use advanced selection tools, layers, filters and adjustments to manipulate images which they can open directly on their devices’ main memory or memory cards photo gallery or downloaded from the cloud. The application can load and edit images up to 12 megapixels in resolution.
A phone-optimized Scribble Select allows for precise selection as well as other actions such as cropping with the finger. There is also a Camera Fill tool which lets a user blend together layers in real time with pictures taken using the phone’s camera and even add textures. Adobe has gone the extra mile to ensure that each tool on Photoshop Touch is within the thumb reach – toolbars on the perimeter of the application window which allows for quick and convenient taps and swipes of tools used to manipulate the images.

Sharing option

There is also a quick sharing option embedded on the application to make it easy to upload the edited image to Facebook or Twitter or attach it to an email. This new Photoshop application for phones was created with focus on simplicity of use and provision of all the core tools available on Photoshop for computers on the mobile version. Adobe went a step further to add features that transform an image being edited into a completely different creation thanks to the advanced tools.


Applications created on desktop for PC or Mac are compatible across all platforms of the application. This means that a designer or an ordinary user can create an application on the desktop or laptop computer, carry out some editing on the tablet when they have time and when on the move finish it on their smartphones. The Creative Cloud feature saves the file with reversible steps – and all edits can be saved on the cloud for easy retrieval and editing.
Adobe offers a number of cloud subscriptions starting from a free cloud account to a $50 subscription with the free cloud account offering 2GB of storage.

Photoshop Touch for smartphones will work Android smartphones running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later operating systems, iPhone 4S and later iPhones and iPod Touch. If you would like to have a taste of how great it is to edit your phones on your phone, head on to iTunes store or Google Play Store and get Adobe Photoshop Touch for Smartphones for just $4.99.

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