Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch Resigns To Join Apple

Former Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch

Adobe’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Kevin Lynch has resigned to his job at the company. This news was made public yesterday from an SEC filing. Kevin Lynch will be ceasing control of the office from the 22nd of this month. And for those who are curious about his next move, he is joining the Cupertino based tech giant. This has come as a shock to few people in the industry and for those who know about the history between Kevin Lynch and the Cupertino based Apple.

When Apple announced that the company will not be supporting Adobe’s Flash on any of its iOS based devices, Kevin Lynch has criticized Apple, and we all know it. And after that episode, Kevin Lynch’s journey into Apple is surprising. Kevin Lynch has been working at Adobe for a few years now. He joined the company when Adobe acquired Macromedia Inc. in 2005. And he has worked his way up the ranks from then.

And now, after he leaves the company, the company is not planning on replacing his position anytime soon. The company has been quoted as saying that it will be dividing the work of Kevin Lynch between the company’s CEO Shantanu Narayen and SVP Bryan Lamkin.

Apple has not yet commented on the story. The Cupertino tech giant has not yet announced what position it is going to offer Kevin Lynch. Actually, the company has not yet even acknowledged hiring Kevin Lynch. And Kevin Lynch has also not announced that he will be joining Apple. So this part of the story is still a mystery, one that is set to solve itself in due time. We will just have to wait till then.

Source: Ubergizmo

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