Ace Calculator packs the power of computing with the ease of tabbing!

Tiny Mobile has come up with an interesting new combination app that is a cross between a spreadsheet and a calculator. It supports all the operations of a calculator and extends the functionality with a multiple tabs to track different calculation threads. Each tab stores history so you can keep track of your home expenses and other important calculations.

ace2This new app with its multiple tab feature allows you to store previous calculations so you do not have to keep noting down intermediate values on a piece of paper. You can store a value on a tab and continue calculations for another total and add, subtract, multiple or divide the intermediate values to arrive at a final figure. Copy pasting is very simple with the Ace Calculator. This app can be used for a variety of calculations like taxes, home budgets, grocery accounts or even small scale business totaling. The app has a simple, uncluttered, attractive interface that is very easy to understand and use.

Ace Calculator has been specifically designed for the iPad. There is also another version available for the iPhone and iPod. Apple’s fabulous display and interface works extremely well for the Ace Calculator. Never before did a calculator have graphic value!  Well, this one does! The app runs on all Apple devices featuring iOS 5 and above. Great new feature from TinyMobile. The company has delivered the perfect solution for a user’s computing woes with the new Ace Calculator. You will never be able to cheat at scrabble again!