A smart phone that needs to be charged only once a month

Android users have the pick of screen displays, performance and features but most suffer a major drawback of very poor battery life. Almost all android phones from HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG suffer from under performing batteries. E Ink, manufacturer of electronic paper displays revealed two prototypes of android phones in the Mobile World Congress held in February this year. Both had black and white screens and a battery life that lasted for almost a month with normal use.

eink2Smart phones from E Ink feature an eBook reader, inbox for messages, contacts and a web browser. The smart phones from E Ink have been designed to utilize battery power only when the screen was redrawn and hence the battery lasted up to several weeks. The display technology used by E Ink is the same as that in Amazon’s Kindle and Pebble watches. A minor drawback is the rate at which the web browser refreshes which is much lower than other android smart phones but the trade-off is worth it for the battery life this phone offers. The phone does not offer a rich set of features but works well as a budget device for those more concerned with battery life than the full spectrum of smart phone functionality.

The phone runs android and has access to a wide range of apps from Google’s Play store and is not far behind in the phone race. However the black and white screen does put a damper on things. E Ink could have gone for a colored display, which would have sacrificed battery life some but still offered a decent life term before the battery dies out and needs to be recharged. However black and white works fine for reading eBooks, viewing social network updates and read messages. Users interested in graphic intensive games, fantastic color images and rendering will not enjoy this phone because of its black and white display.

If you find your primary interest in a smart phone is a few features like messaging, calling, reading and social networking, the E Ink smart phone with long lasting battery is for you.


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