A New Way to Pin

Pinterest, the content sharing web application that took the social networking community by storm, is redesigning their interface. Since February a group of test users have been using the newly design site which provides a more intuitive, user friendly way to find pins and discover boards. Some of the new features include a clean, simple way to navigate the site.

pin2The goal behind Pinterest is to help others discover the things they love, learn something new with DIY, plan a vacation or an event from weddings to birthday parties. The possibilities on Pinterest are limitless which is why the new design makes it easier to access information without having to click around the site as much. Pins are now bigger so members and enjoy more details about what they have pinned, liked or repined. There is a new back button feature which allows users to easily return to where they started on the site. Another great feature is the “people who pinned” notification which allows users to see what others are interested and determine if they have similar interests. Users can also explore an entire board without navigating to a different page or board.

In March of 2013 Pinterest also released their web analytics tool, allowing site owners to track Pinterest board engagement. Speculation is that later on Pinterest will allows ads to be placed on the site, adding the analytics piece first is seen as a smart way to allow site owners to track data and before the ad feature becomes available.


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