A New App Makes its Entrance in Google Playstore

Google has taken their step towards making a note taking app and it has been released in the Playstore. Being a simple note taking app, Google Keep is offering more services like Google Drive and we’re expecting to get more than just taking notes.

Google Keep can store your thoughts, scribbled pictures or the shopping lists which you may forget. This app can be used in your Android phone and if you want to track your notes via Desktop, Google Drive is there to support you. It means that whether you’re at home or outside, you can access this app anywhere. That’s the beauty of this app. Other note taking apps like Evernote, Colornote etc. are still on the market but Google Keep has come to capture the throne from all of the note-taking apps out there. From the looks of it, we’re hoping to see more features from it.

keep2Let’s take a sneak peek at this beautiful app and what it can do for you.

  • Hold your thoughts, lists, images in your pocket
  • Keep records of your voice note
  • Beautiful widgets on your homescreen make it easier for you to capture your thoughts easily
  • Give various colors to your notes to make it more appealing
  • A checklist can be made through your notes
  • Use Google’s cloud services to access your notes everywhere

Google Keep will make a great impact on our daily note taking habits. Grab this beautiful and simple app from the Playstore and keep enjoying.

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