Microsoft Focuses On Further Developments In Gesture And Touch Computing

touch and gesture computing

Those who raised their eyebrows when Tom Cruise slashed and swished his hands on a video wall screen in the movie “Minority Report” may see themselves amazed by Microsoft’s gesture and touch computing, which the company showed off at its new Envisioning Center.

Microsoft is doing ways to get in a place where computers will be commanded by gesture, touch and voice. In fact, the company said in a report by eWeek that it can see such computer features in the next five to 10 years. Every home in America, and possibly the world, might get their hands on such a computer in the coming years.

The launching of Windows 8 and the Kinect motion controller are just the beginning and early glimpse of this gesture and touch computing, the report said. At the freshly opened Envisioning Center at the company’s Redmond campus, Microsoft showed visitors the devices and technologies currently under development from the Microsoft Research and Office Labs.

In the YouTube video posted by the company, it showed that in the meantime, personal computers should take a back seat for tablets and video walls. The technology being developed by Microsoft is so advanced that, like in “Minority Report,” users can use voice, gesture and touch commands to present projects, talk to businessmen across the globe and share information.

This is not such an impossibility. Android’s voice command and Apple’s popular SiRi can now enable Smartphones to search the Internet, set the alarm, send text messages, receive/make calls and even tell you what the current weather is. The innovations in technology in the past decade alone have been astounding, to say the least. Gone are the days when computers merely rely on keyboard commands and mouse clicks. By a mere touch of your finger, you can access documents from continents away.

And although Microsoft maybe a hundred steps away from the technology we saw in “Minority Report,” it doesn’t mean that it will not happen. This technology currently being developed by Microsoft engineers can rival all the other touch-and-gesture tablets and PCs out there. With this technology, you won’t be needing a keyboard, a mouse or a command line interface for software developers. Microsoft, if it succeeds, will be bringing technology to a whole new dimension.

More User-Friendly, Efficient and Revolutionary

The emergence of tablets in the last five years or so have brought technology to new heights. So, is it such a surprise that Microsoft is planning to come up with a technology so advanced a mere flick of the finger can open documents and search the Internet? Without the need for a mouse, a keyboard and computer commands, we might even see a technology far more user-friendly than the tablets of today.

If this proves to be true, then it means that your parents and grandparents may be able to use technology without needing your help. A gesture and touch computing would allow consumers of all age groups to navigate and command a device that is slated to be fluid in operation and functionality.

For a glimpse of this technology, check out this video released by Microsoft on YouTube:

Source: eWeek

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