Jailbreak Secret to More Music on Your iPad

Though it has been rumored since last year that Apple might start its own music streaming service center but as long as it is still a rumor, you can have your own “radio buy buttons” through some easy to follow jailbreak lesson particularly for iOS 6.1! Now for those who love music…this can be a treasure trove.

So with the program named evasi0n by its creators the hacker group evad3rs, it is already available on their homepage for free downloading. The program surprisingly liberates your iDevice from its limitations and opens up new horizon for selective options. Knowing that iPad Music app does not support radio functions, the jailbreakers found an interesting discovery while exploring the iPad music app through the i-Funbox. The breakthrough will help you to unearth an icon similar to a radio tower sending out radio frequencies with the word “Buy” labeling it.

evasion2Seeing it we can be hopeful that the rumors won’t be only rumors for long and Apple will come with a sophisticated music streaming service any moment. However the word “Buy” may denote that the service will not be all together free. Nonetheless, the news is like a pleasant breeze where you can expect for some good music choice from Apple similar to Pandora or Spotify. Acknowledging the fact that Apple always had an ear for excellent music collections i.e. iTunes; it can be believed that instead of just an AM/FM band radio service – the “Radio Buy” option will open a gate for more music in the coming future.

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