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Martian Passport Watch Review: Do You Really Need It?


There are numerous smartwatches out in the market, but those who are eyeing to buy this kind of gadget must also first look at this Martian Passport review to learn about this Bluetooth-enabled watch that will apparently integrate itself into the functions of your very capable smartphone.

There are mixed reactions to the entrance of smartwaches in the industry. Some merely see it as an accessory to the ever-reliable smartphone that runs on iOS or Android while others see it as a necessity. But a report on CNET and Engadget said that unless it completely incorporates the functions of the smartphone in its sleek design, then there’s still a long way to go for these smartwatches.

The Martian Passport Watch is a stylish wrist gadget that can let you answer and end calls, set the alarm, view text messages and notifications from social networking sites. All these it can do through the voice command feature that can be activated by pushing the button on the watch’s side. The watch is compatible with SiRi and Android Voice, and connects with a Bluetooth 4.0-enabled device.

Aside from its ability to connect with your smartphone, the Martian Passport Watch doesn’t look too bad either. It has an analog face with a one-line OLED display at the bottom. It also has a colorful notification light to let you know when you have missed text messages and calls. The watch also packs in a speaker and microphone, as well as a micro USB port for charging.

When I said that it doesn’t look bad, it doesn’t mean that it looks great either. It’s okay, but not exactly great. It has a metal interface and a white or black leather wristband. I presume that the black wristband is for the guys while the white one is for the ladies. It has two physical buttons on the side. The first one navigates the actual functions of the watch and rejects calls while the other one accepts calls and activates voice control.

The Martian Passport Watch also has a vibration feature. It vibrates whenever someone is calling you. This is especially useful if you left your phone in your bag or across the room. It will let you know if someone is calling you. Experts from PCMag said that the vibration feature is actually more useful than the OLED display. The watch allows you to answer calls and talk via the mini microphone and speaker. However, you may find it weird to hold your wrist close to your mouth just so you can speak to the person calling you. Then, there is also the problem of speaker quality. Various sources said that the speakerphone installed in the Martian Passport has a low sound quality.

This watch is available with a $299 price tag. It’s a great idea—to have an accessory slapped on your wrist that can do more than just tell you the time. However, if this Martian Passport review is to be believed, there might not be a need for a smartwatch in the meantime.

Source: PCMag and CNET

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