100,000 people sign petition to stop Google Reader shutdown

Google Reader Change.org 100000 petition

We know about the scheduled axing of the Google Reader service from the search engine giant. The company does this scheduled axing of products and services very regularly to discontinue support to products which no longer entertain users to spend time on them. And Google Reader is one on the list this time. But admittedly, there are still hundreds of thousands of users of the Google Reader app even today. A lot of these people, including me, do not want the product to be terminated.

And it looks like the company has decided on this. There was a petition on Change.org to stop the termination of the Google Reader. And within a couple of days of the announcement, the petition has reached the 100,000 mark. The smart phone unlocking petition took about 30 days to reach the mark, and most of the petitions related to Facebook’s changes hardly make it close to the 100,000 mark.

And one thing that people have noticed about this particular petition is that the target was moving, or changing depending on the petitions required. In the beginning, the petition’s goal was only 25,000. And later changed to 50,000, then to 75,000, and finally reached the 100,000 target. But this decision by Google has led to the birth of new companies in the RSS reader market. There are companies working on building better products than this one, and we will be seeing some really good and healthy competition between these new companies. And as consumers, that is what is good for us. Competition leads to innovation, which leads to a better end product for the consumers.

So some people have started considering this a good thing and that the Google Reade needs to be put to sleep, forever. What do you think? Do you think the same or have you signed the petition?

Source: Change.org