Zombie Minesweeper Android Game Review

One of the popular zombie themed mobile games has just hit the Android platform and brings a fresh twist on how to deal with the undead. Zombie Minesweeper, which is developed by Octo Industries Ltd., combines the good old Minesweeper style of gameplay with zombies included in the mix. The result is an action packed game that is thrilling and exciting.

Zombie Minesweeper can now be downloaded over at Google Play for just over a dollar. The Android version as well as the storage space needed varies between devices.

The heroine of the game is Sally.   Your task is to direct her from square to square. As you move around numbers will pop-up on the squares. Just like Minefield, these numbers indicate how many mines are adjacent to the current square. You will need to get Sally to the safe squares as you flag those squares that you think holds mines.

It’s not only mines that can help you deal with zombies. You will also have access to bombs as well as your trusty old shotgun. There are all sorts of ways to deal with the undead and it’s up to you to use your creativity to deal with them.

When you reach the end of a level you will trigger a chain-reaction that will detonate all of the mines that you have flagged. This will kill every zombie in the blast radius and if you’ve been accurate in flagging down those mines then your points will skyrocket.

There are over 30 levels that you will have to clear as well as 14 different hungry zombie animals to destroy. You’ll even get to fight against angry zombie birds which can be a challenge. Some of the zombies such as snails move slowly. Rabbit zombies can cover a great distance by their hops which you should look out for. One of the fastest zombies in the games are cats and if you encounter one it’s best to put a safe distance between you and them.

As far as the production value of the game goes it really is excellent. The graphics is topnotch with excellent backgrounds and finely detailed characters.

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