YouTube to have paid subscription channels soon


YouTube has now become one of the most visited website on the Internet. Like Facebook, everybody knows what is YouTube. The most interesting feature of this website is that it is a very good platform where any user can upload own videos. A large portion of these videos are amateur and hardly anybody watches it, but there is also few high quality videos which are followed by millions of people, but what’s common among all the videos is that they’re free to watch.

You don’t have to pay to watch videos on YouTube, and as far as making money from videos goes, uploaders can monetize their uploads using Google ads, and that was the monetization plan available, until now. Youtube has just announced that they will be launching paid subscription channel model very soon and has already reached out a few channel producers and invited them to submit applications to create paid content channels. The model is pretty simple. Channel owners will be creating a paid content area and will be uploading their videos into that, and users who are interested to have access to those content will have to pay a nominal fee ranging from $1 to $5. The first ones to make use of this model will most probably be big media companies that have presence on the video sharing site, and since they have a large user base of followers, this model will allow them to monetize their content in a new way other than ads.

The news has frightened few people online because they are thinking that YouTube is going paid, and they have to shell out money to watch videos on youtube, but that’s not really the case. A large amount of videos will be still free, and channels who think that some selected videos of theirs are worth being premium will restrict the access to only paid members. This could also result in high quality videos because the channel owners will have more money in their wallets to support the production of future videos.

This model will also help a lot of YouTubers who currently maintain a separate site for their premium videos and restrict access. One fellow YouTuber named M13, who is a motorcycle vlogger whom I follow is the top motorcycle vlogger on Youtube, but he has a separate site where he uploads videos from his private series and users have to pay in order to watch those videos. Under this new feature, he can move his private series to youtube and still get paid, in addition to revenue from ads.

Some of the small cable channels are being dropped as hardly anybody watches them. The reason is some of these channels make niche programs, and such channels will make a move to Youtube as likeminded people will join together to make the channel successful. A gaming related channel with quality content may not succeed on traditional cable, but it surely will on Youtube. If a channel has 500,000 members, and even if a half of them pay $1 subscription, that’s a whopping amount of money for the channel owner to support production of future high quality content. What’s your thought on this?

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