You’re Gonna Love Skype’s New Reconnect Feature

Skype Reconnect

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Dropped calls are the thing to hate these days. It is not fun when you get a phone call, then find yourself talking to yourself with no human voice on the other end. As social beings, we comfort ourselves with living in a world where others hear and listen to us, where human interaction is as normal as breathing. We don’t like the idea of loneliness, even if it takes place over a secret phone call between two people.

Have you experienced a voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) call recently that simply died in the middle of your conversation? All of a sudden, you discover that Skype attempts to reconnect the call, and you breathe a sigh of relief. “Yes, my call is back,” you say, and the connection is restored once again. This is the result of ingenuity, of growing technology, of – you guessed it! – Skype’s new reconnect feature. I will hereafter refer to this new feature as “Skype Reconnect.”

Skype Reconnect is a feature that attempts to repair your call as soon as it cuts off your conversation, leaving you to worry little about dropped phone calls. Microsoft has been at work lately aiming to improve its Internet video chat and voice call feature that has support from so many users across the world. Facebook’s recent Wi-Fi calling feature attempts to place Facebook in the modern tech giant battle, although Facebook, having over a billion users, does not want to upset Redmond all that much.

Skype Reconnect is not a service of its own, but is part of Microsoft’s newly-released Skype update (iOS version 4.5) for iPhone users. Here are the following benefits of the 4.5 update:

  • Ordering of chats and conversations
  • Automatic recall for dropped conversations
  • A marketing opt-out option

One problem with the old version of Skype is that conversations were arranged out of place. Now, conversations are in order so that you will never be lost in a conversation – even if it takes place in rounds for 100 days. This will benefit those who use VoIP calling and messaging by which to conduct their contact with other people on a regular basis. Automatic recall is only one new improvement, but it makes calls easier to handle than before and helps Skype “work for you” when you need it to. Calls can then resume in a matter of 10-15 seconds. This is great for Skype users who do not have to find their friend in the contact list or for those who need to speak with someone right away before a business transaction or deal closes. Skype is there to help you, even when a call goes wrong. The marketing opt-out option allows you to escape questions and calls from Skype when they want to survey users to determine the strength/weakness of the VoIP service.

One thing I appreciate most about Microsoft is its commitment to improving Skype and making it better. Over the last several months, the company has placed small surveys after calls end abruptly to see the nature of the bad call and pinpoint the problems with the service. Skype is one of the many new technologies that will lead the way into the future, so it is important that bug fixes and other tech improvements be made. With Windows 8 sales not going well, Skype may be Redmond’s newest hope.

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