Yahoo’s new social network Mash to connect like never before

mash1Yahoo has ‘long’ been holding the ‘short’ end of the stick when it comes to social networking and technology. It has lost out to Google both with email and search engine services where Google has the largest share of the social pie. Making an attempt to turn tables and get back on top, Yahoo is working towards a new Social Network to lure users away from Facebook and Twitter .The new network christened ‘Mash’ is inviting users outside the company to take it for a test ride.

Mash is supposed to be different from existing social networks today, in that it allows creating your own profile and opening it up to trusted friends and family. You can sync your profile with existing ones on Facebook and twitter. There are not enough details available to fully understand the concept of opening up your profile.

Yahoo network Mash is still in its nascent stage and is seeking feedback from users about focus areas and bugs. The company has also invited users to suggest new features and applications to bring Mash on par with other social networks. A question that will be voiced is whether or not Yahoo will sunset its existing social network Yahoo 360 with the success of new and improved social network Mash. Since the network is a completely unknown quantity, there is no word on how it is doing and whether it has the potential to take over the web, especially with new network apps like Instagram available today.