Xbox 720 Rumors – Revealing What We Have Found Out So Far

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After the unveiling of Sony’s PS4, gamers are now eagerly awaiting the response of Microsoft regarding their new game console which is dubbed as the “Xbox 720”.

Citing CVG, Techradar said that the introduction of the new game console of Microsoft is likely to happen in April. However, as early as March, we could get the official statement of the company regarding their new product if they decide to participate in the upcoming Game Developers Conference.

In a related Xbox 720 rumor from Trusted reviews, the date of the release should be in April 26 basing from the Tweet of gaming specialist Rob Crossley last February 24.

Here’s the exact Tweet of Crossley:

“The next Xbox event is scheduled for April 26th, I’ve been told by someone I trust. Microsoft may change date, obvs, but diarise tentatively.”

But will Microsoft copy Sony’s approach, which is announcing the console without actually showing it to the crowd?

Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Helb, better known as Major Nelson, assured gamers and the people who are planning on attending the event that they will not copy Sony’s method. The new Xbox will definitely be there physically during the event.

In response to the mockery of Major Nelson, Sony USA’s Jack Tretton said that the PS4 hardware is set to appear on E3 or sooner.

It is speculated that the schedule will possibly match Microsoft’s major public announcement about the Xbox 720.

Mark your calendars and get your popcorns ready folks! This could be one hell of a show between the rival companies.

Expected Features

In a related Xbox 720 rumor from CVG, the console will probably come with innovations when it comes to providing entertainment. Among the most obvious improvements of the machine is its power which will be enhanced by its four hardware cores. Of course, higher power will mean more advanced physics which will bring about better simulated characters and objects. It would be packed with the new DirectX 11 as well which will boost its effects.

CVG added that the new Xbox is likely to come with the Kinect 2.0 also. The new Kinect will probably offer more sensitivity in detecting movements up to the slightest actions of the fingers and with other more superior traits as compared to its predecessor.

The Xbox 720 rumor from CVG further said that it will offer a peripheral that will allow an amplified reality system that will make the game objects interact with real-world objects. This is expected to be combined with the capabilities of the new Kinect.

However, there were stories from various sources of CVG that the next-generation game console of Microsoft will no longer offer the optical drive because it will be replaced with a download-only platform. But according to them, the decision to ditch the optical drive is implausible because this would present a lot of problems in countries with broadband issues. So, one solution is to equip it with a Blu-ray drive instead. If implemented, this would improve its game loading time and seek time a lot.

Sources: TechRadar and Rob Crossley’s Twitter account

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