Xbox 360 Sales Dominate The Market This January

Xbox 360 pic

According to NPD Group, the Xbox 360 sales remain strong in the US market. Apparently, it sold around 281,000 units in the first month of this year alone. In comparison to the year-on-year data of the company, this is approximately 11,000 units more than January last year.

Based on a recent Gamespot report, Microsoft has been on a winning streak for more than a year in terms of sales in the US. The game console manufacturer was able to beat the competition from its major counterparts in Sony and Nintendo for 25 consecutive months already.

Even though Nintendo released its next generation console called the Wii U in November2012, this did not affect the position of the Xbox 360 as the number one video game console in the US.

The strong sales are attributed to the strong game titles that Microsoft has which is something that the new Wii U lacks. Among these are the top-selling games this 2013 like Far Cry 3, NBA 2K13, Madden NFL 13 and Just Dance 4. Then, the Xbox 360 has exclusive games like the Gears of War installments, Halo series and others.

Microsoft, being a US-based company has also contributed to the Xbox 360’s strong following in the Northern American region said several critics in various websites and social networking sites.

In all, the company has made $338 million on Xbox hardware and accessories. The figures represent 44% in terms of the product’s overall market share. It is quite impressive to note that the listed Xbox 360 sales don’t even include game sales.