Could Samsung Galaxy S4 be the ultimate smartphone?

A new star is going to be launched in the Samsung ‘Galaxy’, and we’re super excited about it. A lot has been said, written, thought-up and anticipated; tech-analysts around the world have spun up their figments of imagination, stirred it with concrete analysis, and concocted the specs of the Galaxy S4.

What’s it going to be like? What all would go into it? When would it be launched? Would it be any better than competition? Should you wait? Everything has been discussed, shared, and broadcasted over the media.

But the million dollar question that surrounds the launch of Galaxy S4 is- Would it live up to people’s expectations?

Let’s find out.


  • Galaxy S2samsung-galaxy-s2-pic-300x300

Let’s rewind back to the times when Samsung Galaxy S2 was launched. Samsung had taken enough time to analyze the market trends, and had come up with just the design everybody wanted- a large, resplendent AMOLED screen, fluid TouchWiz interface, formidable battery backup, and an awesome 8 MP camera. Samsung made sure it’s contrivance was well above the competition, and perhaps, that was the reason why it grabbed the Best Smartphone of the Year award in 2011.

  • Galaxy S3galaxy-s3-brown

Last year, Samsung released the successor to its elite smartphone- Galaxy S3, with sumptuous improvements. The Galaxy S3 had everything to admire. Good looks, a quad-core processor, Samsung’s smart features (S-voice, S-Planner, Smart-stay and motion controls), and the latest Android version. To sum it all up, Galaxy S3 was undoubtedly the best pick in 2012, and no eyebrows were raised when it was declared the world’s bestselling smartphone.

  • Galaxy S4samsung-galaxy S4

Considering Samsung’s legacy of developing top-notch, ostentatious smartphones, it would be fallacious to expect that Samsung Galaxy S4 would be just another mediocre contrivance. Expectations are all-time high as everyone looks up to Samsung to drive Android’s growth in the smartphone segment.

Sources all around the world have laid out their own theories on how the new Galaxy device could look like. Here’s a compilation of all the idiosyncrasies that people are looking for in the Galaxy S4.

  • S- Pen technology: People would love an S-Pen powered smartphone (We consider devices below 5’’ as smartphones). The technology is already available on Note devices, but despite the ingenuity of the device, for most people, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy Note 10.1 are too big to carry around. So, if Samsung could develop a smartphone under 5’’ and port it’s awesome S-Pen technology with it, it would be a masterpiece.1-spen-1
  • Eight core processor: People are expecting Galaxy S4 to empower an eight-core processor, after Samsung unveiled its 8-Core Exynos 5 Octa Processor at CES, earlier this year. A more accurate description of the chip reveals that it’s actually a dual-core quad-core processor.arm_big-little_a15
  • Display: Samsung had put up all its display panels from 2011 up to the current versions at the CES 2013 event, and that included a relatively unknown 4.99-inch Full HD panel. According to sources, Samsung is very likely to come up with a 4.99-inch display with 1920×1080 resolution. The display would offer a 440 PPI, making the images look crisper, sharper and livelier than even
  • Camera: There are apprehensions that the new Galaxy S4 could feature a 13 megapixel camera.  Considering the fact that Samsung has stuck to an 8 MP camera in all its elite Galaxy devices (Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Note, Note 2), we certainly feel that a considerable camera improvement is on the way. Also, Samsung might look forward to improving the front-facing camera as more and more people look forward to video-calling and video conferencing from their smartphones.
  • Operating System: There are expectations that Samsung could feature the Tizen OS. However, most people expect the latest version of Android- Android 4.2 Jelly Bean to come with Galaxy S4.  AndroidJellyBeanLogo



Dreams are always doomed by reality. Though we cannot disdain all the expectations considering Samsung’s reputation of always surprising us with its flamboyant inventions, we doubt whether the new Samsung device would have it all. Here’s a reality check on what all seems plausible.

What we might see?

Display: We are definitely going to see the 4.99-inch display with 1920×1080 resolution. The Full HD AMOLED screen has been confirmed by some reliable sources. So, expect Galaxy S4 to be at least 5 inches long. The 440 PPI would make images look sharper, crisper, and beautiful.

Operating System: Samsung is likely to stick with Jellybean 4.2 for its latest flagship device. Galaxy S4 would empower the latest version of Android, coupled with Samsung’s Touchwiz interface, and all other manufacturer-specific software updates.

Camera: We’re definitely going to see a higher megapixel camera on Galaxy S4. Sources hint at 13 MP, but we believe anything above the conventional 8 MP benchmark should be enough to uphold Samsung’s reputation.

Floating Touch: Though many reports deny the existence of the touch, we believe that Atmel’s maXTouch S controllers that allow users to control their smartphones without touching the screen, could find a way into the new Galaxy S4.

What we might not see?

Eight-core processor: There are meager chances that Samsung might actually empower Galaxy S4 with an eight-core processor. We do not think Android games have been developed that could make use of such humungous amount of processing power. In fact, we do not see games breaking down the quad-core mark on Galaxy S3. Hardly have we come across a game that stutters on Galaxy S3. So, the eight-core upgrade would be just ostentatious to say the least. It would not improve the performance of the games, nor would it make the user interface any smoother. (Because, even on a quad-core processor, it’s already smoother)

S-Pen: There’s no S-pen technology on Galaxy S4. As Galaxy S4 would come with the Floating touch technology, Samsung has decided not to include the S-pen technology in its latest flagship device.

Tizen OS: There’s no Tizen OS. Although there were reports that Samsung is working on developing a new mobile operating system called Tizen, we do not believe that Galaxy S4 would empower it. Maybe, Samsung is saving it for a rainy day.

The million dollar question: Would it live up to the expectations?

When expectations are high, the job becomes more challenging. Samsung is poised as the world-leader in the smartphone segment, and people are expecting Galaxy S4 to be the ultimate smartphone. Samsung, therefore, would be under enormous pressure to not only live up to people’s expectations, but to also exceed them.

There are predictions that 100 million units of Galaxy S4 would be sold, even before the device is officially launched.  That just tells the story. The expectations are huge, and Samsung has to live up to them; there’s no other alternative. If it wants to see itself as the best smartphone manufacturer in the world, it has to keep innovating, and keep developing better smartphones.

There are strong indications that the new Galaxy S4 won’t disappoint, and, that, it would be better than most smartphones in its competition. However, if Samsung goes the Apple way, and starts repackaging products, instead of innovating, we suggest that you opt for other best choices available in the market.

Galaxy S4 is expected to be launched on March 15, and could hit the retailers by the first or second week of April. We would be doing an in-depth review as soon as we get our hands on the device.

For more news and updates on the new Galaxy S4, click here.

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