Wireless charging orb for Nexus 4 now available!

nexus-4-chargerLike all the Nexus devices made by Google in collaboration with various hardware manufacturers, even the Nexus 4 made by LG is an interesting device. Apart from being an interesting device, it is also an extremely popular phone, and the popularity extends to an extent that demand is more than supply.

One main reason why Nexus 4 is experiencing the kind of demand is because it has great hardware capabilities and comes with a price tag that is extremely reasonable. The device costs $299 for the 8 gig version and $349 for the 16 gig version, and these are the prices for unlocked smartphone device with no-SIM card, so no strings attached whatsoever.

Apart from the high end internals which comes with Nexus 4, this Nexus device is also capable of charging wirelessly. The device supports Qi standards for wireless charging, which is the same technology that is also used in Lumia 920 and other older devices including the Pre by Palm. The Nexus 4 was always capable of charging wirelessly, but what was missing was the dock that would allow the wireless charging system to function, and for those who own Nexus 4 device, here’s a reason to cheer. Google is now selling wireless charging orb for the Nexus 4.

The wireless charging orb costs $59.99 on Google Play, and if you really want to buy this particular wireless charger, you should be heading to Google Play right away because we all know how fast devices get sold on Google Play. For those who have tried getting the Nexus 4 may have had a hard time getting one from Google Play and I’m sure many of you folks have had a wonky experience with Google’s store.

The wireless charging orb for Nexus 4 has arrived just days after Google sorted out the supply issues with Nexus 4. Though Nexus 4 can now be bought easily from Google’s Play Store due to the fact that supply has resumed, the device still enjoys shipping time of couple of weeks, but I’m hoping it to get better over time.

The wireless charger attracts a shipping time of 1 week, which is pretty decent. Also, it is a must have accessory if you have a Nexus 4. Since it conforms with Qi standards, you can perhaps use it with other smartphone devices which use the same technology to charge, but you may have to conduct some modifications to the charger as other cellphones may just slide, but you may not want to do it either because $60 isn’t exactly a steal as Nokia is selling their wireless charging pad for $50 when bought separately, and when the 920 device is bought from AT&T directly, customers are eligible for the free charging pad.

Nevertheless, the charging dock looks great, but Google could have priced it fairly because all it contains is an adapter, coil and a magnet. That should cost around $10 to make, so perhaps this is a blatant rip off in my opinion. How much do you think would be appropriate for this? Let us know if you would be buying this using the comment form below.

Source: Google Play

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