Winston, the brother of Siri


iOS is bringing to the table a brand new app, Winston that reads out your morning news for you. A great way to catch up with current events while eating breakfast or bathing and having someone read out current events and news. With Winston you can choose from a wide range of topics – sports, current affairs, politics, technology, fashion, social media, entertainment, gadgets and other areas that interest you. Nicknamed Siri’s younger brother, Winston is the latest app to make use of voice technology to provide the user personalized services.

Unlike Siri, Winston is not interested in your views, he reads out the day’s events retires to his private chambers. Apple has worked on the accent of the electronic app so that it is understood by users all over the world. The app reminds you of English butlers who used to serve royalty in the days of old. Quiet, streamlined with no interaction beyond what is asked of it, the app has been named Winston, popular name of butlers in that era. An impressive touch to Winston is that the app summarizes messages and news areas, so you can focus on what is most important.

Like Siri, this is a smart app that learns as it goes along. Winston tries to aggregate news in the areas it knows you and interested in and learns how to streamline news according to your interest. It also corrects its accent according to the locale. The current version of the app is limited to reading out the news but future versions will be built to be more interactive so users will get to debate with the app about the merit of ongoing events and other interesting topics like politics or sports.

Nice new app that will be received with interest and enthusiasm by different generations of iPhone and iPod users.