WINE For Linux Coming to Android

One of the ways a person using Linux OS can run Windows based applications is by using Wine. This application which used to mean windows Emulator and later changed to Wine Is Not an Emulator allows you to use Microsoft Office or any other popular application in your Linux machine.

Running Windows applications on Linux can already be done but how about running Windows applications on Android? This will soon be made possible as a project is underway to bring Wine for Linux over at Android. The person responsible for porting Wine over to Google’s operating system is none other than Alexandre Julliard, the project leader of Wine.

According to a report Julliard showed a brief demo of how Windows apps can run on Android using Wine. The demonstration was extremely slow primarily because not an actual Android environment was used instead it was an emulated environment.

It’s interesting to note that Julliard uses an Apple MacBook to work on this project. Basically he is using Mac OS to work on his Linux software to run Windows applications.

CodeWeavers, the company employing Julliard, is very much interested in this project. If android becomes popular on x86 based tablets and smartphones via the Atom chip then the company will benefit much from this.

Although it may take quite some time before this project will be completed it’s good to know that someone is working on it already. A lot of people have been asking when Wine will be made available for Android and this project is the answer to that.

Imagine if this were completed then you will be able to use your favorite Windows applications on your smartphone or tablet. You will soon see people running Photoshop or Microsoft Office running on Android devices.

We will keep you posted on further developments on this interesting project.

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