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Can’t Wait for the Windows Phone 7.8 Update? Get it now [Tutorial]

Windows Phone OS is a very well known OS and popular too, but for all the wrong reasons. When Microsoft revealed that they were shifting from Windows Mobile 6 to Windows Phone 7 back in 2010, we were all pleasantly surprised yet keenly interested. However, as the launch commenced and we saw smartphones launching with the said OS, its flaws started becoming immediately apparent. The likes of Samsung, HTC and LG were the ones to come up with the first few Windows Phone 7 smartphones which are now known as legacy devices. An year later, Microsoft announced the Windows Phone NoDo update, which was a terrible failure as it didn’t reach all the devices in time. The name NoDo stood for “No Donuts” apparently, which was an obvious poke at one of Android’s earliest versions called Donut or Android 1.6. After that, Microsoft launched the Windows Phone 7.5 update also known as Windows Phone Mango. Around the same time, Nokia made Lumia 800 smartphones started surfacing in the market. And less than a year later in June 2012, Microsoft announced its newest mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.

Along with this announcement came bad news for WP7 users, as the folks at Redmond had decided to not roll out an update of Windows Phone 8 to older devices as it had some hardware limitations. Microsoft however didn’t make it all that bad for the users as it also announced the arrival of Windows Phone 7.8 which would bring most of WP8’s cosmetic features on board along with a few other features that are not hardware reliant. But this update took plenty of time to hit older WP7 devices, as only recently the update started rolling out for the WP7 smartphones. But we know there are plenty of you folks with Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones out there who still don’t have the said update and here’s a very simply way to get it. Make sure you follow the steps carefully and proceed with caution, as we can’t guarantee it would work for you. But either way, it’s certainly worth a shot.


  • Working internet connection.
  • Battery Charged Up More than 90% to run through the process with ease.
  • Any of the legacy Windows Phone smartphones, mostly non Lumias as Nokia has already begun rolling out updates for these smartphones.
  • Download the Seven-Eighter software from the Windows Phone Hacker site – here.

This project comes from the ever so reliable Windows Phone developer site,, where one can find tons of content about Windows Phone development and ROMS or basically anything related to Windows Phone tweaks. I would like to confirm that I’ve personally tried this with my Samsung Focus and it worked like a charm. So here’s how you begin.

Step 1: After you finished downloading the Seven-Eighter zip file from the source given above, make sure you unzip it and open the SevenEighter(.exe) file. Since you’re most probably a first time user of the tool, it will ask you to download some additional tools online, click okay and you will be directly navigated to the download page.


Step 2: After that’s done, make sure you connect your WP7.5 smartphone to the PC/Laptop and make sure you close Zune if it’s open in the background.

Step 3: Now run the setup which is basically a one click process, and your phone should be updated with the latest firmware before finally getting the Windows Phone 7.8 update (7.10.8858.136).

The thing about Windows Phone updates is that it actually downloads all the available updates before finally getting to the update of your choice, so there’s no way to directly hop on to Windows Phone 7.8. Which is why we advise you to be patient during the process as it could take a while, which in my case was about 45 minutes. Make sure there’s enough juice on the phone and a working internet connection though, as we mentioned above. If you follow all the steps rightly, you should have the update running on your device. And this is the official version of the update which you would eventually receive from the carrier or manufacturer, so there’s nothing to worry about.


The process is fairly simple and easy to do it yourself even if you don’t have prior modding experience. However, processes like these carry a certain amount of risk with it, which is the case with any update really. But for users who can’t be on the carrier’s or manufacturer’s mercy for update, this should be a no-brainer.

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