Windows Messenger will upgrade to Skype on April 8


Starting April 8, Windows Messenger users will have to upgrade to the famous VOIP service provider, Skype. Microsoft had bought Skype in May 2011 for $8.5 billion, all cash deal and had announced big plans for the software with Windows.

Skype serves over 280 million people every month and this figure is bound to increase with this integration of Windows Live messenger. Microsoft had already hinted this plan when it gave the users an option to sign in to Skype using their Microsoft account, last November. The actual upgrade will start from April 8 with major English speaking countries and will continue till April 30th or later to finish up with Brazilian Portuguese. The company has already started displaying the upgrade notification on their desktop messengers and once you click on the notification; your messenger will be replaced with Skype.

WM to upgrade to skype


Messenger’s upgradation to Skype would open up new features for present users like sharing files and contact information, the option to edit and delete conversations, group video calling etc.  As Skype is already available in platforms like Windows, iOS, Mac and Android, users benefit from being connected on a large number of devices.

Once you upgrade to Skype, your messenger chat history will be saved directly on C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Received Files\< Microsoft Account Name> and you can retrieve it by accessing the folder.

Also, for all those users, who are finding it difficult to use Skype, Microsoft has created a simple tutorial, which is available on their website. Just follow that tutorial to learn more about using Skype.

via Skype Blog