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Windows 8 and Windows RT recieve patches

Microsoft Surface Pro tablet

If you are using one of the latest versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, namely the Windows 8 and Windows RT, you would have come across a few bugs for sure. There are issues concerning Wi Fi connectivity, and issues when it comes to downloading apps and content from the App Store, and a lot of other major bugs. So, the Redmond based software giant today has released an update to fix all these issues, and much more.

The updates, which are already available, fix or patch 57 known issues, and more than 12 vulnerabilities are addressed. That is a good news for most of the users. But this update addresses mostly Windows RT and Surface RT users, as the not being able to get content from the Windows Store is a big issue. “Automatic updates would start downloading updates and put the system in “Connected Standby”. Users were unable to get Windows Store applications,” says Ubergizmo.

Microsoft has also fixed the WiFi connectivity issues on the Surface tablets. So there will hopefully be no more connection drops and such issues. And if you have been facing issues with the volume rocker buttons on your Surface tablet, this update has fixes for that as well. Microsoft has included drivers for these volume control buttons in the update which should stop bothering users from now on.

Users have also reported that the quality of music when it is streamed to Bluetooth devices is not good. The Redmond based company has tried to address that as well. And if you are a big fan of streaming video to your Xbox through the Windows Media Center, the update tries to make this experience also, a bit better.

The lost soul of Microsoft, Internet Explorer (IE), has received a few patches in this update, and these patches are supposed to make the internet browser a bit safer for its users. Want more info? Click here.

Source: Ubergizmo

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