Will Amazon put Kindle in cars?

Reading books in cars

Amazon recently showcased its new achievement, putting its huge collection of songs into the dashboard of a car. Yes, we are talking about the Amazon Cloud Player connected car app that the company recently showcased. With this, you will be able to pull all your MP3 collection on your Amazon account to your Ford’s dashboard out of thin air. This is some good technology. But what will be Amazon’s next move? Kevin Fitchard on Giga Om thinks it will be the collection of books.

It means that Kevin thinks the company would introduce a way to read all your books on Amazon while you are in your car. Many people already do a lot of their reading in their car. There is just so much of travelling or commuting every day that you can for sure read a few pages of a book easily. And many people, who do not want to go with text reading, just hook up their car stereos to an MP3 player of some soft with audio books in them. This is how a lot of people prefer it.

So, Kevin writes that this would be Amazon’s next move, to bring its Audible books or audio books to the car dashboards. That will be in fact a very good move. You can switch between music and books on your connect car app. How cool would that be? And Kevin even thinks that Amazon would be able to integrate the Audible books with the Kindle ebook readers and the Kindle apps so that there would be a way to determine where you left off reading, so that you could start listening to the same book at the exact same spot. And this works the other way around as well.

Kevin writes, “Amazon already has much of this technology in place. Last year, Amazon introduced Whispersync for Voice, which allows you to pair an Audible book with an ebook for a few extra bucks. Amazon isn’t just selling the same media in two formats, it’s integrating them.” Want more? Hit the source link.

Source: Giga Om

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