Why Google Store might be a good idea?


If you are a frequent reader of this website, you might have come across a post which tells you, Google may be planning to open up its own retail store.

But do you think that it’s a good idea? I mean, we already have the online play store which sells Google devices and the other retailers who sell nexus smart phones and tablets, so why does the company need an exclusive Google store? Rumors suggest that Google store will stock up nexus smart phones and tablets along with Google Chromebooks. It will be an exclusive store, featuring only Google products.




Generating demand:

In order to understand the need for Google Store, we should take a look at a comment by Apple CEO Tim Cook during the recent Goldman Sachs investor conference,

“One of the things that’s not understood that well about the (Apple) stores is that I don’t think we would have been nearly as successful in the iPad as an example if it weren’t for our stores,”. “(iPad was) ingrained in their minds (as) a heavy thing that no one wanted.”

This means that Apple agrees that their stores were responsible for generating most of their sales. This is exactly what Google is trying to do.

Rich Android Experience:

With the Google Store, the company will be able to provide a rich android experience to its potential customers, something that they cannot do with their existing online store. Agreed that the play store has been successful so far, but with the company’s plans to launch new devices under the Nexus and the Chromebook belt, Google will need a much more stable mechanism to interact with their customers.

Nexus 4 failure:

nexus4 out of stock

Nexus 4 release would be a good example to explain the importance of a Google store. When Nexus 4 was launched in the market last year, the online stores as well as the retailers were facing severe shortage of stock. Google had blamed LG for the stock problem, however, we can’t ignore the fact that the company failed to anticipate demand for their product. Now, this could have been avoided if they could directly interact with their customers and analyze the market.

Future innovative products:

Google also has been busy developing plenty of new age gadgets like Google Glasses and self driving cars. People need to have hands on experience with such innovative products to understand its applications in real life and such stores will act as a platform for the company to showcase its innovations.

Further, when we analyze the various decisions taken by the company over the past few years like acquiring Motorola R&D, offering contract free nexus devices etc, we may conclude that Google is working hard to reach out to its customers and the Google Store might be its biggest move in this regard.