Who will buy a $10,000 Android Phone?

vertuWhen it comes to spending big on a luxury Android phone the Vertu corp. has the other phone manufacturing companies bowing down to their knees. It is evident that the luxurious company fully supports the notion that money can surely buy you happiness. Apple Inc for a long time has been at the forefront of promoting trending and luxury Smartphones. Their reign however, by the look of things is being strongly challenged by the arrival of the Vertu T Smartphone. After receiving a boost from Nokia (Nokia sold its luxurious division to Vertu), the Company did not waste any time. They got down and busy and proceeded on to come up with this price bewildering gadget.

At $10,000, this luxury Android phone is clearly not meant for everyone. With a clear understanding of the different social class, the Company decided to specifically target the self actualized group of individuals. These are the group of people who will not feel a pinch chucking $10,000 for a device whose main purpose is to communicate. It is even believed that the Company is targeting the oil rich tycoons of the Middle East who tend to have a taste for luxury as opposed to value.
But is the Vertu T luxury Android phone truly worth the humongous $10, 000 dollar price? To find this out we have tried to analyze some of the product’s specs. One of the key outstanding features of this device is the titanium grade five body structure. The rest of the features however, strongly suggest that the device should not be going for that ludicrous amount of money. With an Android 4.0 version (Ice Cream Sandwich), a 1GB RAM, 64 GB Internal storage memory, and an 8 megapixel camera the price tag is rather preposterous.

The popularity of Vertu devices in the phone arena is not that much hence some analysts are skeptical about the eventual success of the Vertu T luxury Android phone. Some argue that if the rights were given to Apple to manufacture this and the perplexing price tagged on it; maybe it would have been better. What is not clear to them is that the Vertu T device is not the first gadget to be manufactured by the UK Company. They have been actively participating in the luxury telecommunication industry for a while now. They even have the bragging rights for making the most expensive mobile phone. In 2006 they emerged tops for making the signature Cobra which sold at $310,000.

The choice of whether to go for this device is strongly dependent on the preferences and the financial capabilities of the user. There are other devices that can be acquired with much less prices but have better phone specs than the Vertu T. Mobile phones such as the Google Nexus 4S, Samsung galaxy S 3 and S4 are some of the devices which can be acquired with less amounts and yet can perform better. Our advice would be to go for a phone that best suits your needs.

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