What will Microsoft do about Windows 9?

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Microsoft’s new computer operating system, the Windows 8, is the company’s new take on touch screen devices. The operating system makes its very easy to use with a mouse or a keypad, at the same time allowing easy accessibility using fingers. But the operating system has not much sales, and it is too early to judge if the operating system is a success or a failure. But we can be sure of one thing, the Windows 8 operating system is really good if it is able to make people upgrade from Windows 7, which can be easily titled the “Best Windows operating system to date.”

But what will the company be doing with its next operating system? Will it be called the Windows 9 operating system? We are not really sure of that because there are already rumors about the new Windows Blue, which could be the new operating system. The rumor says that this new operating system will be coming out some time in the middle of this year, I guess that is too early for Microsoft to release a new operating system.

The Redmond based operating system giant needs to be able to balance the way people used to interact with a desktop computer, and are still in some parts of the world, and how they will be used in the near future, with touch screens and gestures.

Along with this, the company should be able to provide a really good business platform with all the security vulnerabilities patched. And that will definitely take more time than that. After then there is at least a year long testing from the public. Only after all this does Microsoft decide to finally release the operating system to the public. And after this, we will see some really cool devices from third party manufacturers.

Source: Newsvine

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